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Synology DSM Access any user's downloads

2016-06-07 4 min read devops Sven Gehring
A few weeks ago, I decided to build a little tool for my Synology Download Station, since I was not quite satisfied with the features DS Download offered me for simple monitoring. However, while testing out the API as it was documented in official API docs, I stumbled upon some rather unusual behaviour, that allows you to access details of any download task, even if it does not belong to the user you’re authenticated as. Continue reading

Synology DSM6x VPN via Command Line

2016-06-07 4 min read devops Sven Gehring
Synology DSM offers you a quite simple interface for managing your VPN connections, however, aside the fact that it is missing a lot of advanced options, that are needed for certain providers, it also lacks the possibility of automation. For example, the reason I am writing this is, I am using an OpenVPN connection on my second Synology station together with multiple gateways. That’s all fine and good, however, as soon as the VPN client gets into a timeout, it will try to resolve the host name in the config via the VPN gateway, which is now inaccessible. Continue reading

Using a custom login style on a Synology DiskStation

2016-02-29 4 min read devops Sven Gehring
This article is aimed towards people who want to customize the login screen of their Synology Disk Station beyond the possibilities the settings UI offers. This does however require some basic knowledge of the underlying technology of both, the system and the web overview. It also requires logging in to your disk station via terminal, which, while is possible with only basic knowledge, is always a certain risk. Please be careful, when tinkering around on your device! Continue reading